Within six short years, Foresight Sports has become a global leader in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of launch monitors, golf simulators, gaming and professional software, and custom commercial solution development.

Located in San Diego, California, Foresight Sports develops the most advanced—and most trusted—performance analysis solutions in the golf industry. Since its start in 2010, the company has experienced meteoric growth to become a global leader in launch monitors, golf simulators, gaming and professional software, and custom solution development.

Recognizing the advantages of camera-based launch monitors, Foresight Sports began as a collaborative effort between top industry engineers and a business-savvy executive team with a deep passion for the game. The result was the company’s first product, the GC2 “Game Changer” Smart Camera System.

In its six short years on the market, the GC2 has lived up to its name—leveraging its unmatched accuracy and indoor/outdoor ease of use to become the best-selling professional grade launch monitor ever created.  Two years later, Foresight Sports released an advanced clubhead tracking solution called HMT—Head Measurement Tracking. Paired with the GC2, the combination proved to deliver the most comprehensive ball and club data ever seen in the industry and quickly became preferred technology of top fitters, instructors, club makers and Tour Pros alike.

The company quickly expanded its golf simulation and software solution offerings, including its own true-to-life gaming software, FSX, along with advanced fitting and instruction apps—all powered by its game-changing line of launch monitors.

Today, Foresight Sports is a total technology provider, with more than 10,000 GC launch monitors and golf simulation solutions in use in retail stores, driving ranges, commercial facilities, and homes worldwide. With engineering, manufacturing, and quality-assurance teams all located under one roof, Foresight Sports offers complete, vertically integrated solutions for players, professionals, and industry leaders.