ForeCaddy Smart Cart - Includes User Guides, Firmware Updates, and Tutorials.


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ForeCaddy Guide


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ForeCaddy Updates

Instructions to update your ForeCaddy firmware.

Additional Resources

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ForeCaddy Remote Control Demonstration

System Requirements:
(minimum spec)

Firmware v5.0+ required to receive function.

Updates to the ForeCaddy Remote have improved control function. Please review this video to see a demonstration of how to use the remote control to navigate the cart.

ForeCaddy: Navigating the Cart Path (Part 2)

ForeCaddy: Using Follow Mode Responsibly

ForeCaddy: Follow Mode: Proper Use Around Greens

ForeCaddy: Operating Instructions

ForeCaddy: How to Disassemble the ForeCaddy

ForeCaddy: Power Assist Mode on Hills

ForeCaddy: Follow Mode from a Distance

ForeCaddy: Switching from Power Assist Mode to Follow Mode

ForeCaddy: How to Use Manual Mode

ForeCaddy: Power Assist Speed Controls

ForeCaddy: Assembly

ForeCaddy: Navigating the Cart Path

ForeCaddy: How to Secure the Bag

ForeCaddy: Using Manual Mode Downhill

ForeCaddy: How to Maneuver over a Curb

ForeCaddy: Using Power Assist Mode Uphill

ForeCaddy: Auto Braking in Power Assist Mode

ForeCaddy: How to Clean the ForeCaddy

Warranty Documentation

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ForeCaddy Warranty Card

Product warranty overview.