Thank You

For choosing the ForeCaddy by Foresight Sports. Like everything we make, this product is designed to provide you with years of game-changing performance on the course. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our service team. 

This product is Health Smart!
Instead of driving a golf cart, your ForeCaddy will help you to enjoy the incredible health benefits of walking your favorite course. Health benefits that include lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improving cardiovascular and cognitive function, and reducing stress. 

Features & Components


Features & Components
  1. Handle
  2. Power Assist/Stop Button
  3. Cart Power Indicator
  4. Acceleration & Deceleration Button
  5. Umbrella Holder
  6. Score Card and Ball Holder
  7. Hook
  8. Arm Adjustment Latch
  9. Golf Bag (Upper) Holder
  10. Cart Power Button
  11. Cart Battery
  12. Cart LED Indicator Light
  13. Golf Bag Straps
  14. Wheels
  15. Range Finder Magnet
  16. Sand Bottle Holder
  17. Column Folding Pedal
  18. Charging Port
  19. External Cart Battery Charging Base
  20. Drink Holder
  21. Power Charger Adapter
  22. Remote Control

ForeCaddy Remote

Remote Features & Components
  1. Control Stick
  2. Power Assist/Remote Mode
  3. Follow Mode BETA
  4. Power On/Off
  5. Remote Control Battery Indicator
  6. Golf Cart Battery Indicator
  7. Belt Clip
  8. USB TYPE-C Charging Port

02Getting Started

Folding and unfolding

The ForeCaddy can be collapsed and unfolded for storage and transportation.

Folding and Unfolding

Cleaning and storing

To clean your ForeCaddy, please use water ONLY.
It is recommended that you clean your ForeCaddy after every use by using compressed air or gently rinsing with cold or warm (not hot) water. Towel or air dry thoroughly before storing in a cool, dry

Charging the ForeCaddy battery

Charging the Battery

Securing a golf bag (with provided straps)

Securing a golf bag

03Power Features

Powering the ForeCaddy ON and OFF

Quickly press the power button Power Button to turn the ForeCaddy ON or OFF.

Powerin the ForeCaddy ON and OFF

Powering the Remote ON and OFF

Press and hold Remote Power Button to turn the remote control ON or OFF.

Power Remote

Quickly press Power Button on the ForeCaddy handle or any button on the remote to brake and stop the ForeCaddy while in Remote Control or Follow modes.

Power Stop

04Operating Modes

Operating Modes (At-A-Glance)

Your ForeCaddy can be operated in four (4) different modes:




Power Assist


Remote Operation



Power Assist IndicatorsTo move the ForeCaddy forward, press the Plus Button button.
Press Plus/Minus to increase or decrease the ForeCaddy’s speed.
Press Power Button to stop.

Alternatively, you can exclusively use the Power Button button by pressing and holding it down to move the ForeCaddy forward and releasing it to stop. The ForeCaddy will (by default) restart at the same speed as its last session. In Power-Assist mode there are 5 speeds that can be selected to match your desired walking rate (see chart below). When the ForeCaddy is stopped and in Power Assist mode, press the Minus button to release the brake to use the ForeCaddy in “free wheel” mode.

Speed Chart and Power Assist Diagram

Safety recommendations for Power Assist mode

While in Power Assist mode, the following safety precautions should be followed:

  1. The ForeCaddy should always be steered manually when making a turn. When making a sharp turn, push the handle down to lift the front of the ForeCaddy upward to assist turning.
  2. On complex turns or road sections, when the ForeCaddy is stopped, press the deceleration button to switch into neutral mode. This makes it easier to maneuver if you need to stop the ForeCaddy (without sliding). To resume Power Assist mode, press the Power Assist button again after pushing or pulling the ForeCaddy.
  3. When the ForeCaddy is connected to the remote control in a stopped state, press the acceleration button to move the ForeCaddy forward automatically. Press the Power Assist button or the stop button on the remote control to stop the ForeCaddy. The ForeCaddy will automatically switch to standby mode if its distance from the remote exceeds 10 feet.


Remote Control ModeTo enter the Remote Control mode, quickly press the Remote Control Button button (the button will illuminate blue).

In Remote Control mode, use the control stick to control the speed and direction of the ForeCaddy. Move the control stick back to the middle or press Remote Power Button to stop the ForeCaddy.

Remote Control

Note: You can use the Remote Control mode on open fields or fairway. Operating Your ForeCaddy

UPDATE: Firmware 5.0

Firmware 5.0 adds speed control to Remote Control mode. It also
improves turning while in Remote Control mode and decreases the
ForeCaddy weaving in Follow mode.

REMOTE CONTROL: Firmware 5.0

Firmware 5.0 allows you to change the speed of the ForeCaddy while in Remote Control mode. To enter Remote Control mode, press the Remote Control Button button. While in Remote mode, quickly press the control stick in the forward direction and release. This will put the ForeCaddy in 1st speed. Quickly press and release forward again for 2nd speed, and again for 3rd speed (top speed). While the ForeCaddy is in forward motion, you can turn left and right with the remote. You can decrease the speed by quickly pressing the control stick in the backward direction and releasing. You can repeat this until the ForeCaddy goes back to a stopped position. To go in reverse, quickly press back on the control stick and release while the ForeCaddy is stopped. To stop the ForeCaddy at any point, quickly press Remote Power Button on the remote control. After pressing Power Button you will need to press Remote Control Button again to use the remote functions.

Safety recommendations for Remote Control mode

While in Remote Control mode, the following safety precautions should be followed:

  1. Practice operating the ForeCaddy in a field or large, obstacle-free area prior to using on the golf course.
  2. Always inspect your environment for potential obstacles or dangers prior to operating in remote mode.
  3. Never operate the ForeCaddy remotely near vehicular traffic (roadways) or in areas with dense pedestrian traffic.
  4. Never operate the ForeCaddy remotely on steep hills, near water features, or other natural or man-made obstacles that may result in damage or injury.
  5. Immediately disengage the ForeCaddy from Remote Control mode in the event of a potential accident, or if an accident has occurred.


To activate Follow mode, stand IN FRONT of the ForeCaddy.
Press the Follow Button button and then begin walking (the button will illuminate green).
The ForeCaddy will begin to follow, and will maintain the speed you are walking.

Follow Mode

To exit Follow mode, come to a stop and allow the ForeCaddy to come to a rest,
then simply press the Remote Button button on the remote to instantly switch to Power Assist
mode (Blue).

To resume Follow mode, simply press Follow Button and the ForeCaddy will resume following.

Safety recommendations for Follow mode

WARNING: Follow mode must only be used on an open field or fairway.

PLEASE NOTE: Follow mode is still in BETA.
The Follow mode is undergoing testing and development and therefore requires skilled use and thoughtful execution. Please use caution when using the ForeCaddy in Follow mode (BETA).

PLEASE NOTE: It is normal for the ForeCaddy to “weave” slightly while in Follow Mode (BETA). When encountering obstructions that may be close to this 15 foot-wide safety zone, reduce your walking speed. The cart will also slow down and will weave less.

While in Follow mode, the following safety precautions should be followed:

  1. NEVER use Follow mode when the golfer is behind the ForeCaddy. Always make sure there are no obstacles between the ForeCaddy and remote control prior to use.
  2. NEVER use Follow mode around tee boxes, greens, or steep terrain. Use Follow mode ONLY when past the teeing area and before the green. (For more information, see mode usage on page 16.)
  3. For best results, be sure to wear the remote control on a belt on the backside of the hip to insure it has close, unobstructed access to the cart. You don’t need to see the buttons to operate them; simply practice switching from green to blue and back again by pressing each button on the remote.

Safety clearance in Follow mode (BETA)

While using Follow mode BETA, always allow for 7.5 feet of obstruction-free space on both sides of the ForeCaddy for safe operation.

Safety Clearance in Follow Mode

Operating ranges in Follow mode (BETA)

Please observe the following range limits when operating the ForeCaddy in Follow mode.

Follow Mode Ranges

05Mode Management

Proper mode usage on the course

Please follow proper mode usage while using the ForeCaddy on the golf course.

PLEASE NOTE: Only use the Follow mode on the fairway. Be sure to check your surroundings for any hazards. It is safe to use the manual push mode or Power Assist mode while using the ForeCaddy in the Tee area or around the Green.


Rear wheel - mode settings

Note: When the ForeCaddy is out of battery or powered off, you can use manual mode for long distance walks.

  1. To install or remove the rear wheel, press on part A and rotate the wheel.
  2. When the ForeCaddy is in ANY powered mode (Power Assist, Remote, Follow BETA), the rear wheels need to be installed in the INNER groove.
  3. When the ForeCaddy is in manual mode, the rear wheels need to be installed in the OUTER groove.

Rear Wheel Mode Management

06ForeCaddy Installing Accessories

Installing the (accessory) umbrella holder

  1. Pull knob A to install or remove the umbrella holder.
  2. When the umbrella holder is installed, place the handle into the holder, then rotate knob C to keep the umbrella fixed.
  3. Press on knob B to adjust the angle of the umbrella and release it after the desired angle has been reached.

Installing the umbrella holder

Installing the (accessory) scorecard/ball holder

  1. Hold the Scorecard/Ball Holder with the Foresight Sports Logo right side up and facing toward you.
  2. Slide the two pegs on the left side of the Scorecard/Ball Holder over the pegs protruding from the cart.
  3. The Scorecard/Ball Holder also has a slot to store the remote control.

Installing the scorecard/ball holder

Installing the (accessory) cell phone holder

  1. Insert clip A into slot C on the ForeCaddy
  2. Press button B to open the phone securing arms. When phone is placed in the holder it will automatically adjust to your phone’s size.
  3. Plug in the USB-C cable from the bottom of the Cell Phone Holder to slot D on the ForeCaddy.

Cell Phone Holder Installation


Mode/Operation Status Indicators

The ForeCaddy status lights indicate the following:

Orange Indicator ORANGE
Indicates the remote control is not on or not connected to the ForeCaddy. (Only the Power Assist mode can be used in this state.)

Blue Indicator BLUE
Indicates the remote control is connected to the ForeCaddy. The ForeCaddy is not in Follow mode.

Green Indicator FLASHING GREEN
The ForeCaddy is in Follow mode.

Status Indicator Lights

Battery & Charge Indicators

ForeCaddy Battery Indicator
Battery Indicator Green Indicator In fully charged state, all 5 lights will turn GREEN. With power consumption, the lights will gradually go out.

ForeCaddy Charging Indicator
Charging Indicator Red Indicator RED - Charging
Green Indicator GREEN - Fully Charged

Remote Battery Indicator
Green Indicator GREEN Normal use, battery power is more than 50%
Orange Indicator ORANGE Battery power is lower than 50%
Red Indicator RED Battery power is less than 10%

Remote Battery Indicator

Remote Control Charging Indicator

Charge the remote control via the USB Type-C port.

The remote control will send a vibration prompt when charging. During the charging process, only the power button on the remote control remains functioning.

The indicator light will be blinking RED when the remote control is charging.
The battery is fully charged when the indicator light turns GREEN.

Remote Control Charging Indicator

ForeCaddy Full Charging Time: 8hrs
Remote Control Charging Time: 3hrs

08Charging Instructions

ForeCaddy & Remote Control

When the external ForeCaddy battery charging base is being used, or when the ForeCaddy is charged after it has been turned off, you can view the charging status based on the charging indicator light. RED lights indicate charging, and YELLOW lights indicate fully charged.

When using the charging port to charge the ForeCaddy battery, you will be able to view the charging status based on the power indicator lights on the handle if the ForeCaddy is turned on. 

The remote control can be charged using a 5V charger or via the USB port on the ForeCaddy. 

Note: When the remote control is charging via the USB port on the ForeCaddy, please make sure the ForeCaddy is powered on.

09Additional Specifications

Remote Control

Transmitting Frequency 6.5g
Transmitting Power<-41.3dBm/MHz
Transmitting Distance65.6 ft (open space)
Remote Charger5V / 1A
Battery Capacity3.7V / 1000mAh



Battery Life36-54 holes (On non-hill fairway)
Folded Size2.69 x 1.97 x 1.15 ft
Open Size2.69 x 1.97 x 3.28 ft
Weight36 lbs / 16.3 kg
Speed4.7~7.8 km/h
MotorAnti-tipping dual support motor
BrakingAutomatic downhill braking
Operating Temperature Range-4ºF to 122ºF
Battery Capacity22.2V / 14000mAh
Charger25.2V / 2A


10Warranty Information

Forecaddy Limited Warranty:

Foresight Sports warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for the time periods as set forth below. This one year limited Warranty does not cover defects caused by any other reason including but not limited to misuse, modification, improper maintenance, installation, accidental impacts, or acts of God such as lightning strike or natural disasters. Pursuant to the Limited Warranty, Foresight Sports will, at its option, provide replacement of any part found to be defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, We reserve the right to inspect these parts. We will not bear any costs incurred (including carriage) due to an item being returned with a suspected fault, and after inspection no fault can be found, or it is found that the customer has not fully understood all of the functions of the ForeCaddy or the part in question.

Parts And Labor Warranty

Exclusions to the warranty include, but are not limited to: damage during shipment if not packed in designated box; wear & tear; results of neglect, misuse or accidents; damage however caused; or utilization for any purpose other than carrying a golf bag on a golf course. Any modification from the manufacturer’s specifications are excluded. ForeCaddy used for commercial or rental purposes are excluded. The warranty is not transferable to a third party.

The battery is covered by a one (1) year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials. Loss of battery performance owing to external damage (howsoever caused), misuse and/or abuse, incorrect charging or other failures not attributable to a manufacturing defect are specifically excluded from this warranty. The battery must be charged only with the charger in the package and the instructions must be followed exactly.

Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the product, freight prepaid, in either its original packaging or packaging providing equivalent protection to the service facility specified. A dated purchase receipt is required.

Repair And Replacement Warranty

Foresight Sports shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty on this product. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on this product is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty. If the failure of this product is unable to be repaired or replaced, a full replacement of the ForeCaddy will be provided. This Limited Warranty supersedes all other warranties expressed or implied.