Smart Range Console (SRC) with integrated GCQuad™ technology

Foresight Sports’ Smart Range Console (SRC) with integrated GCQuad™ delivers everything necessary for player analysis in a commercial-ready solution. With its onboard GCQuad™ and optional swing analysis camera, the SRC captures every facet of player, club, and ball launch data with the accuracy and reliability you expect from Foresight Sports. The integrated tablet delivers analysis and entertainment apps for hours of skill-building fun, and with its rugged, secure, low-profile form factor, you can rest assured that the SRC will meet the demands of your growing audience of players.

The future of golf is here. Take full advantage of it with the Smart Range Console.

Downrange Tracking System (DTS)

With Foresight Sports’ Downrange Tracking System (DTS), your GC2 or GCQuad-powered driving range is transformed into a state-of-the-art facility that delivers an entertainment experience to your customers like nothing before. Easily installed, DTS combines the unmatched accuracy and reliability of our GC launch monitors with a downrange camera system that precisely captures final ball placement to instantly deliver shot distances for your players’ performance and gaming activities.

With DTS, combined with our FSX network of games and performance apps, your range facility will become a performance and entertainment powerhouse that attracts a whole new audience of players – and revenue opportunities – to your facility.

The future of golf is here. Take advantage of it with DTS.

Our extended cable package ensures the highest video quality possible from your PC to your touchscreen, flat-screen, or ceiling-mounted projector.

Our simulation-fitting artificial putting turf provides a maintenance-free solution that looks and feels like real grass.

Our specially designed polycarbonate material is sized to your specification and enables brilliant, full-immersion simulation game play via a projected image.

Our GC2 Hard Case is the ultimate in crushproof, waterproof, and dust proof protection for your GC2. Durable, high strength plastic and custom-molded foam insure your GC2 is safe and secure under even the most adverse conditions.

Infrared Flash Module

Our Infrared Flash Module quickly and easily replaces your expired infrared flash. (Rated for an average of 30,000 - 40,000 shots per flash unit).

Elevated Protected Cradle

Our impact-tested protective housing keeps your GC2 safe under the everyday impact conditions of driving ranges, gaming facilities, and your own simulation studio. Constructed of high-strength aluminum and finished with a durable, glare-free powder coating, our Protective Cradle accommodates floor mounting and includes a lock-accommodating access door for the theft-resistant peace of mind.

Protective Shield

Protect your GC2 from ball strikes and shank hits with our protective impact shield. Made with high-strength polycarbonate and backed with high-density impact foam.