GCHawk™ Angle

The GCHawk™ is an overhead-mounted launch monitor that delivers a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your game. Harnessing the same object-sensing and image-capturing technology found on the GCQuad, the overhead-mounted GCHawk fits seamlessly into a commercial or residential environment, and its large ball-capture range allows players of both right and left handedness to hit shots with absolute confidence that each shot was precisely captured.

Take your virtual golf game to a new level with GCHawk.

Smart Range Console (SRC) with integrated GCQuad™ technology

Foresight Sports’ Smart Range Console (SRC) with integrated GCQuad™ delivers everything necessary for player analysis in a commercial-ready solution. With its onboard GCQuad™ and optional swing analysis camera, the SRC captures every facet of player, club, and ball launch data with the accuracy and reliability you expect from Foresight Sports. The integrated tablet delivers analysis and entertainment apps for hours of skill-building fun, and with its rugged, secure, low-profile form factor, you can rest assured that the SRC will meet the demands of your growing audience of players.

The future of golf is here. Take full advantage of it with the Smart Range Console.