Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Brehaut about his use of our launch monitor technology. Jeff played on the PGA Tour from 1999-2007 and has been a member of the PGA Champions tour for five years, along with being a well-regarded PGA Professional and GCQuad owner. Recently, he took his GCQuad out on the course while playing a round with Web.com Tour player Martin Trainer.

Jeff Brehaut
Jeff Brehaut

How does the GCQuad help you as an instructor?

As an instructor, having data from the GCQuad is important so students can see what they are doing right and what they need to correct. Foresight Sports technology is not just the most accurate way of measuring ball and club, it allows my students to visualize and see their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We hear there’s a special story behind Martin Trainer - can you fill us in?

Martin and I had just finished up a round together. With El Bosque [Web.com Mexico tournament] coming up, he asked to test some of his clubs with my GCQuad - and we found out that he was actually 6° toe down at strike, and standing too close to the ball. I told him to either stand further back or bend his clubs. He bent his irons 3° up, went to Mexico, qualified for the Web.com event, and then won the tournament!

What difference has the GCQuad made to your numbers?

The data from the GCQuad helps me stay more consistent overall - since there are so many factors that affect ball flight, trying to improve without seeing specific data is a challenge. The fact that the GCQuad actually measures club head and ball flight data helps me be confident in improvements - and realistic when I hit a plateau.

How has the GCQuad helped your game?

Personally, I love being able to see the ball and club data behind my performance. With so many years of golf experience, it’s important to have a consistent reference for all of my ball and club data points, and that’s exactly what the GCQuad provides.

You’ve seen the results on tour, but what about the average golfer? How much scope do they have for improvement with Foresight Sports technology?

If anything, the GCQuad provides an even deeper gold mine for the average golfer. Things they didn’t even know that affect their ball flight give them an immediate area for improvement. Also, being able to see their own numbers instead of guessing based on what they see Pros doing on TV is important - there’s a reason people go to club fitters instead of just buying whatever they see on Tour, after all.