How does Rickie Fowler stay in top form both during the demanding PGA Tour schedule and off-season? By making the most of every practice session with his GCQuad.

Our Tour rep recently caught up with Rickie at home to get a glimpse of his training regimen. And one thing was very clear – from his backyard hitting range to his man-cave golf simulator, this PGA Tour star trusts his GCQuad.

Here’s why Rickie Fowler trusts the GCQuad –
in his own words.

From the “Bubble”...

“It’s awesome to have a GCQuad. I can use it indoors in what I like to call a “bubble” – a controlled environment with no real variables.”

“I can see what each club’s doing, from club data to ball data, and how that’s affecting the flight.”

...To the Range

“Then go outside, work with the GCQuad there as well, and see how outdoor variables affect everything.”

Rickie Fowler on the Range Rickie Fowler on the Range

“I think being able to have an indoor setup, being able to use it outdoors, go to the course, range, whatever it may be... it’s the perfect little combination.”