Golf’s first professional-grade ceiling-mounted launch monitor. The entertainment driving range solution that’s got everyone talking. Performance and gaming applications for players of every skill level to enjoy and grow their game.

At the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, we didn’t just change the game - we changed everything.

If you didn’t get the chance to see us in Orlando, here are some of the highlights


Total Range Blew Everyone Away

Orange County National Golf Center hosted Outdoor Demo Day, where we debuted Total Range™ – the ultimate performance and entertainment solution for driving ranges of every size and audience.

Guests got a full demonstration of the Total Range solution in action – from the intuitive purchasing and ticketing process to the endless variety of performance and gaming apps designed to appeal to a full spectrum of golfers and non-golfers alike. And of course, Total Range is powered by the industry’s best-selling and most trusted launch monitor technology. Demonstrations included both our award-winning GCQuad and the all-new GCHawk. This year’s guests were particularly impressed with the overhead-mounted GCHawk, which offers a whole new level of freedom for players of left and right-handedness.

GCHawk Launch Monitor

The staff of the popular golf blog MyGolfSpy also got in on the action, using the GCHawk to conduct a head-to-head performance comparison of two popular drivers.

A Full House At The Indoor Show

With five cutting-edge simulation bays packed with our latest technology and software, our indoor show booth was packed with industry insiders, PGA professionals, and an international mix of coaches, fitters, and players eager to see where we’re taking the game next.

A full schedule of demonstrations by Foresight Sports Advisors and renowned, world-class teachers including Michael Breed and Martin Hall drew wall-to-wall crowds with their long drive, iron, and short game clinics – all powered by Foresight Sports.

And 2018 World Long Drive Champion Maurice Allen stopped by to demonstrate his regular optimization routine with his personal go-to performance technology, the GCQuad.

From all of us at Foresight Sports, thanks again to everyone who joined us at the PGA Show to kick off another year of innovation!