TaylorMade’s The Kingdom is known as one of golf’s most exclusive fitting establishments. Naturally, they have golf’s most accurate fitting tool on hand: a GCQuad-powered Performance Simulator. We got a first-hand look at The Kingdom’s fitting experience, along with the details of how TaylorMade used the GCQuad during development of their most talked-about release, TwistFace technology.

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“We capture all of the metrics and all of that data, and that is super critical for us to deliver the most incredible, comprehensive fitting experience in all of golf.”
- Tom Kroll

“The simulator gives us a very realistic view for the player when they’re hitting the shot. They can look up into the screen and actually see the ball flying, which is a big advantage for us”
- Duane Anderson

“For 180 years the geometry of the face of the golf club has never changed, and now here we have TwistFace identifying a way to correct the golf ball and deliver speed and accuracy using a technology like the GCQuad.”
- Tom Kroll