E6 Software Integration

E6 Software Integration

Foresight Sports has integrated with the TruGolf E6 Software Platform to create our own proprietary version of the E6 software. All available support resources can be found on this page.

Please Note - Foresight Sports is not the developer of this software and can only assist with basic functionality and device connection. However, we have provided resources below to allow you to find the latest supported software versions, user guides, activation resources, and direction to contact the TruGolf Support Team should any technical issues arise.

Current Software Release

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E6 Download And Installation Guide

Please Note: Does Not Support GC3 Or Launch Pro Devices At This Time.


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E6 Updates Page

The TruGolf E6 Software and Foresight Sports integration each require their own Installer to run correctly.

If you require additional assistance please review the Foresight Sports E6 Installation Guide

Additional Resources

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Which Version Of E6 Do I have?

Activating a Subscription For Foresight Sports E6 Connect

Using An Existing E6 Connect License with Foresight Sports E6 Connect

Recommended Windows Power Settings

How to optimize your Windows Power Settings for use during simulation.

Disabling Windows Desktop Notifications

How to optimize your Windows Desktop Notification Settings for use during simulation.

Identifying and Uninstalling Restrictive Anti-Virus Software

This video will illustrate how to Identifying and Uninstalling Restrictive Anti-Virus Software for best use during simulation.

Identifying Your FSX LIVE Credentials

This guide will offer assistance identifying your existing FSX Live Credentials. These Credentials are the same ones used when installing your FSX 2018/2020 Software.