GCQuad, Four Camera System - Firmware, User Guides, and Tutorials. The GCQuad supports USB-C, Ethernet, and WiFi connections.


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GCQuad Firmware

USB connection to computer required to update.* Requires FSX v3.1.0 or greater to operate *Supports GCQuad Putting | FSX2018 paid software upgrade required for FSX putting integration.


Release Date:
GCQuad Firmware v3.0.9.10:
  • Limited WiFi Function To 2.4GHz In Japanese Region To Adhere To Local Law.
GCQuad Firmware v3.0.8.1:
  • Improved WiFi Connection
  • Updated Internal WiFi Chip Firmware
  • Resolved Possible Error Codes Related To Connection
GCQuad Firmware v3.0.7.1:
  • Improved Club Marker Detection.
  • Adjusted HTTP Network Connection For Stability.
Included From Previous Releases:
  • Improved International Region Check/Registration Check
  • Improved Spin Data Capture for GCQuad
  • Improved Startup Speed
  • Improves publishing of shot results.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Added update to help prevent the 'stuck' in lock condition.


Please Note: The continued use of old software/firmware or reversion of software/firmware is not recommended unless specifically requested by a service representative.

Additional Resources

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GCQuad WiFi Connection Guide

How to connect the GCQuad via WiFi to a computer and/or iPad.

Club Marker Application Guide

In order to capture club data, club markers must be applied to the clubface. This is your guide for proper application.

GCQuad Ethernet Connection Guide

How to connect a GCQuad to a PC via Ethernet.

Understanding Ball And Club Data Guide

An introduction to understanding ball launch & club data.

GCQuad Putting Guide & Glossary

An introduction to understanding the putting feature, data, and terms.

Warranty Documentation

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GCQuad Warranty Card

Full warranty terms and conditions for the GCQuad.