FSX 2018 Updates

Please select the appropriate installation option below. Be sure to select the online version if you have installed using an online activation code. If you have a blue USB dongle, please select the dongled option instead. If you have any questions regarding the installation options please contact support@foresightsports.com.

Release Date:
  May 20th, 2019
Associated Manual:
  FSX2018 Online User Manual
Please Note: Customers operating in retail environments please contact support@foresightsports.com to receive specific installation instructions prior to downloading
Release Date:
  October 8th, 2019
Please Note: Foresight Fairgrounds will come at no additional cost with the FSX 2018 software! You must login within the software using your FSX 2018 activation code in order to connect a Foresight Sports device and use the software.

FSX 2018 Software - Additional Course Installation

The courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Software users. * Requires software v5.0.0 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

FSX 2018 Course Library

  • Note: Version 2.0.1+ courses are ONLY compatible with FSX 5.0 and above.
  • To purchase a course license, please contact your sales or support person.
  • All courses require a one-time online activation after installation.
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