Drivers & Downloads

Find the latest drivers and downloads for your Foresight Sports products here.

FSX Course Installations

The courses listed below come at no additional cost for all authorized FSX Software users. * Requires software v2.4.0 or greater to operate. Internet access required to gain initial course authorization.

Blue Bayou v1.8.0 | 763Mb

Broken Tree v1.8.0 | 877Mb

Linfield National v1.8.0 | 905Mb

Willow Crest Golf Club v1.8.0 | 536Mb


GC2 Drivers & Firmware

The updated driver for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).* Requires firmware v4.0.0 to operate.
Updated GC2 Driver | 9.0Mb

The Original driver for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).
Original GC2 Driver | 9.18Mb

The latest firmware for the GC2 Smart Camera System (all models).
GC2 Firmware v4.0.0.15 | 13.7Mb

Please Note: The continued use of old firmware or reversion of firmware is not recommended unless specifically requested by a service representative.


GC2 Subscription Applications

Used in order to reload shots for all subscription base devices (Windows OS Required).
GC2 Shot Counter Recharge Application | 224.4Mb
For questions, please contact customer support at 1.858.880.0179

Foresight Sports Swing Camera

Driver and Capture software necessary to operate the swing camera.
Foresight Sports Swing Camera Installation | 36.5 Mb