Meet our latest Game Changer.


In a world of smart carts, this is pure genius.

What makes the Foresight Sports Smart Cart the ultimate UWB Follow-Me solution? Let’s start with the stats.

The remote for the Foresight Sports Smart Cart.

4 modes of operation.

You might be wondering how we packed 4 different operation modes into one cart. But it’s true. Ours comes with Auto-Follow, Remote Control, Power Assist and Freewheel as standard.


54 holes on a single charge.

That’s right - you can get up to 3 full rounds in on a single charge. And recharging takes just hours before you’re out on the course again.


Folds down to go anywhere.


Endless extras.

From a cupholder to an integrated scorecard pad, our Smart Cart comes with as many options as you can imagine.

Admit it - you want one.

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Spoiler alert - it’s sooner than you think.

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