Request Devices Repair and Monitoring Repair Progress

  • Request Device Repairs

    A device repair request will first require the following:

    1. Gather Proper Information

    2. Complete Contact Support Web Submission

    3. Completing Onsite Diagnosis and Gaining Approval for Return

    • Gather Proper Information

      In order to submit an online repair request you must first gather the following pieces of information:

      1. Device Type

      2. Device Serial Number

      3. Comprehensive List Of Issues Occurring

      The list of issues occurring may vary and include multiple pieces. It is best to gather as much information up front before submitting your repair request. Here are some examples of information that will expedite the initial process:

      • "My GCQuad was struck by a driver and now the front housing is damaged"
      • "My GCQuad has produced an error code - L13 and now will not function properly"
      • "My GCQuad will no longer connect to my computer or software, but will gather data correctly on the LCD Screen"
      • "My GCQuad Data does not appear accurate. I believe the spin data is incorrect and here is why...., I would have expected to see the following data instead..."
    • Complete Contact Support Web Submission

      1. To proceed with reporting you must submit an Online Contact Support Request:

      Online Contact Support Request

      This online form allows you to provide basic contact information about yourself, the device you would like to request assistance with, and then add attachments.

      * Recommended: it is best to add images or video of the issue occurring so that the Foresight Sports Technical Support team can best assist you.


      2. You will receive a Email Confirmation once your Support Request is received. Please be sure to take note of this email, as it will include your Support Ticket Number, used to reference your specific request.

      3. If you would like to add additional information after submitting your request be sure to respond within the Same Ticket Confirmation you just received. This can be either by accessing your Foresight Sports Helpdesk Ticket online, or through responding all to the confirmation email you received.

    • Completing Onsite Diagnosis and Gaining Approval for Return

      Your device repair request must first be reviewed and go through the approval process.

      In most cases, unless physical damage is the the reason for the return request, the Technical Service Agent assigned to your instance will require a brief diagnosis to confirm the issue.

      To perform onsite diagnosis you will be asked a series of questions and offered trouble shooting steps to rule out possible environmental or setup related issues. This will assure the issue you are encountering can be resolved through repairs.

      The onsite diagnosis will hopefully be resolved in hours, however, there is the possibility that it can take a few days to fully vet more complex problems.

      Your patience with this part of the process is greatly appreciated as we work to assist you with your issue.


    • Warranty Coverage, Terms and Conditions of Sale, and Refund Requests

      In some cases customer as unsure of the fine print provided to them when they first purchase the product. If you have questions related to what coverage your device comes with under the manufacture warranty, or if you are eligible for a refund or warranty repair, please review the following information first before proceeding:

      1. Am I eligible for Warranty Repairs?

      • All Foresight Sports products will have a Product Support Page. These pages include copies of the Warranty Cards provided to you with your product at the point of sale. To reference these documents please proceed to your specific products support page - Foresight Sports Product Support (Hardware)


      2. What are the Foresight Sports Terms and Conditions of Sale?

      • Foresight Sports has documented all Terms and Conditions of Sale online. These can be referenced by clicking the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the Foresight Sports Website or here: Terms and Conditions.  Please note, the most important headers regarding repairs, returns, or refunds are:
        • Warranties

        • Return Privileges


      3. Am I eligible to request a refund?

      • Refund requests are not available without authorization. This is deemed at the discretion of Foresight Sports as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, mentioned above. If you have questions related to this please reference this when submitting your Online Support Request and our Technical Service Agent can offer clarification.
      • Important: Specific product and sales are not eligible for refund in ANY case. This was disclosed at the point of sale through the online store or on the sales quote you approved.
  • Returning the Device for Repairs

    The Technical Service Agent assigned to your instance will offer direction to return the device.


    This information will include:

    1. The Return Address for you to ship your product for repairs.

    2. The RMA Number (Return Merchandise Authorization).

    3. The Specific Packaging Instructions required to return your device.


    * Please Note: Return Shipping in all cases is the responsibility of the customer as noted in the Manufacture Warranty. If the product is still under the manufacture warranty coverage you will then receive repair coverage of the warrantied items as well as return shipping of the device back to you when repairs are complete.


    RMA Authorization will only be provided once the Technical Service Agent has been allowed to complete the Diagnosis Process as noted previously.


  • Monitoring Repair Progress

    If you have returned your device you will received updates for the following stages of your repair:


    1. RMA Generation

    •  When present, this date represents when the approval to return the device for repairs was generated. You will receive a detailed description of how to return the device for repairs at this time as well.

    2. RMA Checked In

    • When present, this date represents when the device was checked in at Foresight Sports. You will receive confirmation of any items checked in when the device was received.
    • IMPORTANT: The items noted on this report will be the only items returned with your repaired device at the end of the process. You must review this notice to confirm your understanding or offer dispute at this time. Failure to dispute any issue you see at this time will waive Foresight Sports responsibility to resolve conflicting reports at the end of the repair process.

    3. RMA Entered Diagnosis

    • When present, this date represents when the device has been checked in by a Repair Technician, entering the diagnosis stage. A short explanation of this stage will be emailed to you as well.

    4. RMA Quoting/Reviewing Repairs

    • When present, this date represents when the repair quote or warranty repair approval had been provided to you. This will require additional action from you, including providing payment for non-warranty repairs, and proper return address confirmation if requested. A email of this information will be sent to you as well as any of the original contacts included on your Customer Service Request.
    • IMPORTANT: please be prompt to review and provide payment for these repairs. Approval is required before Foresight Sports is able to proceed with Repairs, Final Testing, and the Return of your device.

    5. RMA Quote Approved - Submitted for Processing

    • When present, this date represents when payment has been received and the entire repair order has been submitted for processing. A short explantaion of this stage will be emailed to you as well.

    6. RMA Shipping/Completed

    • When present, this date represents when the device has been shipped back to you, or the repair process has been completed. For items shipping to you, tracking information will be emailed to you and noted on your repair ticket. The ticket will then be closed, completing the entire repair process.
    • IMPORTANT: if you encounter any issues directly related to the specific repair be sure to respond to the original ticket to reopen the instance. If you encounter a new issue, be sure to submit a new Contact Support request.
    • Sign In to your HELP.FORESIGHTSPORTS.COM Account

      1. To monitor your RMA process you must first sign in to your account. To do this visit:


      2. Then to access your account, select the Sign-In button from the top right of the window: Sign In


      IMPORTANT: if you receive a notice that an account already exists please select the forgot password option:

      help Sign In Forgot Password

      Then enter your email to receive a email to reset your password:

      Help Forgot Password Request Confirmation

      * This is due to the use of your email in previous support instances, which will auto-generate a helpdesk account for that email address.


    • Reviewing Tickets

      1. To access all of your past tickets you must the drop down to view you account options in the upper right corner of the window:

      Helpdesk account


      2. Select the "My Activities" option from your account drop down:

      Help Dropdown Account Options My Activities


      3. Now you will see every tickets associated to your account. Under the My Requests option you will be able to view OPEN, AWAITING YOUR REPLY, and SOLVED tickets. Select the Ticket associated to your specific request to proceed:

      Help Tickets My Requests


      4. Once you open the ticket related to your repair you will see a RMA STATUS - MONITORING PROGRESS header on the right side:

      HELP TICKET Monitor RMA Status

      These dates will populate as the devices enters the stage. If no date has been provided yet the product has not yet entered that stage. Please be patient as our teams are working to support many customers world-wide. We will do our best to prioritize your repair.


      5. We recommend monitoring the status through your ticket to understand your devices progress.

      There is no need to contact the support team to gain status information as it will reflect what is disclosed on this page.

      However, if you do want to discuss the status of your repair in more detail please be sure to Submit A Reply at the bottom of the ticket through the helpdesk. Once you begin to type into the "Add to Conversation" field you will be presented with the  Submit Option, or Submit and Mark as Solved, if you have resolved the issue and wish to notify the support team.

      Submit Help Ticket Reply