Martin Hall calls GC2 a "must have" for playing better

In a recent interview, renowned golf instructor Martin Hall described the GC2 Smart Camera System and HMT Head Measurement Technology as "a must". "If you're serious about teaching better or playing better," said Hall, "you simply have to have the GC2/HMT." Hall went on to say the GC2/HMT combination was "second to none" in "the ease of use, the graphics [and] the information."

"Golf is what the ball does, and what the ball does is what the club does. Well now you can measure with great accuracy the angle of attack, the face angle the spin the start direction of the ball. It is superb, and that’s why I use one in my garage at home every day, and why I use one with my students."

"And I would say, without exception, that every student I’ve used the GC2/HMT technology with has improved – without exception."

Watch the full interview below.