GC3 Registration Management Guide

  • GC3 Registration Management Guide

    This guide will walk you through the basic use and function of the GC3 Device Management page. GC3 Devices will require registration periodically, this page will allow you to manage your purchased devices.

    GC3 Registration Header


    The guide will walk you through the following features of device management:


    Gaining Access


    1. Device Registration

    2. Sign-In FSX LIVE Account

    3. Reset FSX LIVE Password

    4. Create FSX LIVE Account


    Page Navigation


    1. Home Screen

    2. Account Management

    3. Basic FAQ


  • Gaining Access

    In order to gain access you must first perform the following functions:

    1. Device Registration

    2. Create/Sign Into FSX Live Account

    • Device Registration

      To  complete the device registration you should follow the steps outlined below:


      1. To register your device please use the QR CODE on your GC3, displayed device upon startup:

      GC3 QR Code Screen

        - Using a QR CODE is simple and easy. To do so, follow the steps below:

      • Open your Smart Phone to the Camera Application, or a QR Reader Application you have downloaded previously.
      • Using the Outfacing Camera, bring the entire QR Code into the camera view.
      • Your Camera Application will read the QR Code and present you with a Website Link to select.
      • This link will bring you to the GC3 Registration page.

      Please Note:  Should you need additional support using QR Codes please see the device specific guides below:

      • USING QR CODE WITH iPHONE or iPAD: (https://su)pport.apple.com/en-us/HT208843
      • USING QR CODE WITH ANDROID DEVICE: (https://su)pport.google.com/accounts/answer/9283368?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid


      Using the QR CODE you will be prompted to Create An FSX LIVE Account, or to Sign-In To an Already Existing FSX LIVE Account. This process will automatically assign the device to your account, completing the initial registration process.

    • Sign-In/Create An FSX Live Account

      When you use the QR CODE you will initially be brought to the following page:

      GC3 Registration Sign In Page

      You Must First Sign-In To Your FSX Live Account OR Create An FSX LIVE Account.




    • Sign-In To FSX LIVE Account

      1. If you already have and FSX LIVE account you should select the SIGN-IN option from the upper right corner of the screen:

      GC3 Registration Sign In Page


    • Reset FSX LIVE Password

      Select the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD button if you are unable to Sign-In to you existing account:

      GC3 Forgot Password Sign In Page

      You will receive an email where you can reset your password:

      GC3 Reset Password

      The Bars Underneath the Password Field indicate your password strength. Select RESET to confirm and reset your new password.

    • Create FSX LIVE Account

      If you have not yet created an FSX LIVE Account, please follow the steps below:

      1. Complete each field on the ACCOUNT CREATION FORM:

      GC3 Registration Sign In Page

      2. Once Complete, select the SIGN UP button.




  • Page Navigation

    GC3 Navigation Numbers

    The Registration and Management Page has a few options available to you:

    1. Home Screen

    2. Account Management

    3. Basic F.A.Q

    4. Sign Out

  • Home Screen



    The HOME SCREEN will have a few valuable pieces of information:

    1. My Devices Drop Down

    2. Device Status

    3. Locked/Unlocked Features

    4. Details Screen


    • My Device Drop Down

      The MY DEVICES DROP DOWN will include all GC3 Related Devices registered to your FSX LIVE account:

      GC3 Home Screen - My Devices Drop Down

      By selecting a different Device Serial Number you will be presented with the relevant information on your HOME SCREEN.


    • Device Status

      On the HOME SCREEN you will see the Status of the device. In most cases with the GC3 you will see this as an UNLOCKED STATUS. This indicates you are eligible to gain access both Software Applications and All Data Options, through either purchase or automatically through maintaining a up-to-date device validation.

      GC3 Unlocked Status

      Should you encounter a GC3 device without an unlocked status please review the Launch Pro Subscription Guide. If you have questions about how to Maintain GC3 Validation please review the GC3 Validation Guide.


    • Locked/Unlocked Features

      Under the DEVICE STATUS you will see all INCLUDED APPLICATIONS:

      GC3 Home Screen - Included Features

      To INSTALL and GAIN ACCESS to these application please click into the desired offering and follow the onscreen instructions.


    • Details Screen

      Below each device image is a DETAILS option. If you select this the Device Details window will appear:

      GC3 Device Details Window


      Here you can see relevant details of the device.

      1. Device Serial Number

      2. Firmware Version: This is captured upon the more recent validation and should be up-to-date.

      3. Date Of Registration: When the device was first registered to your FSX LIVE account.

      4. Device Name: here you can rename your device to be more specific to you and your use case.


    • Sign Out

      To SIGN OUT of your FSX LIVE account, simply select the exit door icon on the Navigation Bar.

      This will bring you back to to the Sign-In Screen once more.

  • Account Managment

    The Account Management Screen will allow you to modify the original information on your FSX LIVE account.

    GC3 My Account Page

    Once you have modified a desired field, select the UPDATE button to apply the changes. 



  • Basic F.A.Q

    The BASIC F.A.Q will offer brief explanations for various functions of the Registration Page and Device Management.

    GC3 Registration FAQ Options

    There are two items to receive support:

    1. F.A.Q Articles

    2. Contact Support





    • F.A.Q. Articles

      Select the F.A.Q Option at the top of the page. Please review the available articles should you need assistance:

      GC3 Registration F.A.Q Page

    • GC3 Registration Contact Support

      Select the CONTACT option to see the available Contact Options.

      GC3 Registration Contact Page