FSX Pro iPad User Manual

  • Introduction

    Thank you for choosing Foresight Sports and FSX Pro iPad. FSX Pro iPad is Foresight Sports' dedicated performance analysis platform for the game's best players, coaches and club fitters.

    Please Note: FSX Pro iPad is free to download but requires an FSX 2020/FSX 2018 license. Please contact a Foresight Sports representative for more information on purchasing FSX 2020. Users will be able to activate 2 FSX Pro licenses for every FSX 2020 license they own. These can be split across the PC and iPad application or used twice on the same type of device (eg. 2 separate PCs).

    System Requirements And Compatibility

    FSX Pro iPad must have iOS 10.0 or greater. Updating to the latest iOS is recommended for best use.

    FSX Pro iPad is optimized for the following devices: 

    • iPad (2019 and later generations)
    • iPad Air (2019 and later generations)
    • iPad Mini (5th generation)
    • iPad Pro (Requires Current App Version 1.3.2)
    • Devices with 4GB of RAM or More:
    • 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 4GB (2016),
    • 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 4GB (2017),
    • 2nd Gen iPad Pro 10.5" 4GB (2017), 
    • 3rd Gen iPad Pro 12.9" 4GB/6GB (2018),
    • 3rd Gen iPad Pro 11" 4GB/6GB (2018),
    • 4th Gen iPad Pro 11" 6GB (2020),
    • 4th Gen iPad Air 4GB (2020), 
    • iPad Mini 5 and iPad Gen 9.

    FSX Pro iPad will also run on the following devices:

    • iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad (2017, 2018).


    • Download

      Please download FSX Pro iPad here. This will initiate the download process to the user's device. Once downloaded, the app will be available on the device’s home screen.



  • Getting Started

    • Signing into FSX Live

      To begin, select the FSX Pro Icon on the device's home screen.

      If this is their first time loading FSX Pro, users will be prompted to enter their FSX Live login details. These details can be found in the FSX 2020/2018 download email from support@foresightsports.com. Users can also identify their FSX Live username in FSX 2020 by following this guide.

      Please Note: FSX Pro iPad requires users to connect to the internet every 45 days to validate their license.

      To begin, select ‘start’.

      Next, 'read and accept' the End User License Agreement (EULA).

      Click 'start' at the next screen. You will then be taken to the Main Menu.

      main ipad

    • Connecting A Device

      FSX PRO iPad currently supports the following connection types:

      • GCQuad - Only WiFi
      • GCHawk - Only WiFi

      *GC2 Bluetooth Connection (Pending Future Development)


      Before connecting a device in-game, users must connect their device to their GCQuad via Wifi. Open 'Device Settings' and select the 'GCQuad' to connect.

      Please Note: The user's GCQuad will be listed by serial number. Users can locate this serial number within the GCQuad user interface in the About tab.


      Enter the password to connect. The default password is: 'FSSPORTS'.


      Reload FSX Pro. At the main menu, select the 'Connect Device' icon (circled).

      circled main menu ipad

      Choose the devices tab and click ‘Search’.

      Clicking search will reveal a list of available devices. Next, users should click on their chosen device to connect.

      q wifi

      Finally, users should return to the main menu and select  'Performance Analysis' to begin game setup. For further information on how to setup a device, please see the 'Settings Menu' overview in section 5.

  • Performance Analysis

    • Game Setup

      Player Selection Screen

      ipad player selection

      First, select the 'Performance Analysis Icon' from the main menu. This will take users to the player selection screen.

      Users can either: choose a recent player, or add a new player. To add a new player, select the blue ‘Add Player Tab’. Enter player information and click save.

      Users may also search for previously created player profiles by using the search bar. To edit existing player profiles, select the player and click the 'View' icon to change information such as: name, skill level and contact information (pictured). Click 'Save' once complete.

      Ipad player info

      With player setup completed, click ‘Next’ to begin session configuration.

      Session Configuration

      ipad club select

      The session configuration screen allows users to enter their club fitting session details. Users can choose their club type, label their golf ball type and add tags. 


      Users can add tags to their session by clicking an existing tag or creating a new tag. Tags allow users to label their shots with custom information. To create a new tag, users should type the name into the new tag box before selecting 'Add Tag'. Selected tags will be shown under the club type.

      Ipad add tags

      Click ‘Next’ to begin the session.

    • In-Game

      In-Game Session Screen

      The session screen consists of four areas: the shot panel (blue), the main container(yellow), the data tiles (red) and the toolbar (grey).​


      Begin a session by placing a ball in the device's hitting zone. The Ball Lock Indicator (pictured) will display the device status. A green background indicates users are ready to begin hitting.                                                                                                                                             



    • Shot Panel

      Shot Panel

      ig s

      The shot panel displays shot information. The image below shows a labelled breakdown of the shot panel information and icons:


      SP Labelled

      1). Edit Session - Add a new club, add tags, change ball type and change average data parameter shown. The average data parameter determines which parameter is displayed in the shot information bar (line 3).

      2). Shot Group Information - Shows the club type, tags and average data parameter for a group of shots with the selected club. Tick and untick the checkbox to display/hide the data in the range view.

      3). Shot Information - Shows information on individual shots within the shot group such as shot number and the selected data parameter. Users can hide/display a specific shot in the range view by selecting the 'shot visibility' icon.

      4). Shot Group Information For Second Club.

      5). Shot Information For Second Club.

      Switching Club

      Once users have added multiple clubs to their session, they can switch by clicking the shot group information of their desired club. The following message will appear:


      Select 'yes' to change to the desired club.

      Edit Shots

      edit shots


      To edit or delete a shot in the shot panel, right-click (press and hold on iPad) on the desired shot and choose one of the options.

    • Main Container

      Main Container

      ig m

      The main container displays session ball flight and shot data. The view is set to the driving range by default. Clicking the 'camera icon' (bottom right) will change the driving range view to one of four driving range views. 

      Main Container Configuration


      Users can also choose from the following four different views by selecting the 'configuration icon' (circled):

      Driving Range View - Selects the driving range view. Toggle the icons to display/hide the data overlays.

      iPad Driving Range View

      Ball Flight Grid - Displays a grid showing session ball flight patterns. Select the side and top views to view ball flight apex and dispersion data. Toggle the icons to display grid labels, dispersion circles and accuracy to within 1 or 1/2 standard deviation.

      iPad Ball Flight Grid

      Clubhead View - Displays session clubhead data. Change the views and toggle the labels to customize which clubhead parameters are selected.

      iPad clubhead view

      Table View - Displays customized ball and club data in a table view. Select and de-select data parameters by clicking the '+' and '-' icons.

      iPad table

    • Data Tiles

      Data Tiles

      i dt

      The data tiles display ball and clubhead data for the current selected shot in the shot panel. To customize the data tiles shown, select the 'configuration icon' (right).

      Select and de-select data tiles by clicking the '+' and '-' icons.


    • Toolbar

      In-Game Toolbar

      IG T

      Reports - Players can generate session data reports by selecting the reports icon. Dynamic reporting displays both ball and club data in a PDF format in-game. Should players wish to export this data, they can select the 'export' icon to generate a CSV. file. Players can also email their session data by selecting 'email'. Select the 'print' icon to print session data.

      iPad reports 1

      Compare - Selects all shots and will display them in the main container. With compare mode toggled to 'off' users will see only their selected shots.

      Connect - Users can connect/disconnect their device by selecting the launch monitor icon.

      Settings - Users can edit their settings by selecting the settings icon.

      End Session - Users can return to the main menu by selecting the settings icon.

  • Settings

    • Overview

      Before beginning their session, users may wish to edit their settings. To begin, select the ‘Settings’ icon from the main menu (top right).

      The settings menu contains 5 options:


      General Ipad

      Virtual Keyboard - Enable or disable the 'Virtual Keyboard'. The virtual keyboard is a digital keyboard that can be used in-game to enter text into text fields.

      Usage - Toggle the 'Enable Player Management' icon. If toggled to on, session data will be saved to the selected or created profile during game setup. If this setting is turned off, session data will be saved to the FSX Pro license owner's profile.

      Studio Mode - Toggle the 'Studio Mode' icon to enable/disable studio mode. Enabling 'Studio Mode' allows users to change the background menu color in FSX Pro. Disabling studio mode will retain the default white background.



      Choose a language from the list of available options.



      Choose between metric and imperial. Change the spin display and choose the directional polarity.


      ipad numbered

      Players can label their shot data and selected club with ‘tags’. Tagging shots allows players to search their data reports for shot specific information such as brand, clubhead and shaft type. 

      The tag settings allow players to add new tag groupings and create custom tags.

      1). Toggle the 'Allow Creation Of New Tags During Selection' to allow players to create new tags during shot group creation in-game. If this setting is turned off, players will only be able to tag their data with pre-existing tags, during or when setting up a game.

      2). Tags can be organized into specific groupings. To create a new tag grouping select the '+' icon.

      3). Tag groupings can be edited at any time by clicking the edit tool. Users can delete groupings or change their title by clicking the text. To finish editing, click the 'Edit Tool' to finalize changes.

      4). Add new tags to a tag grouping by typing the name into the 'New Tag' text box. Press enter or '+ Add' to finalize the addition.

      5). Users can export their tag library or import tags to their existing library via .csv file. 


      q wifi

      Select the devices tab to connect a device. 

      1). Toggle the 'Auto Connect With Solo Device' to allow FSX Pro to auto-connect to an available wifi device. Please note this option will only work if one available solo device is present. If more than one device is available, FSX Pro will not auto-connect.

      2). Toggle 'Enable Dual Devices' if users are using two ground-based launch monitors for left and right-handed players. Enable this to unlock a slot for an additional launch monitor.

    • Swing Camera

      Swing Cameras are currently unavailable for use in FSX Pro.

  • Support And Updates

    • Support Requests

      Please complete the form below, providing as much information as possible for our technical support team. This will initiate a support request. Foresight Sports Technical Support is available to assist Monday through Friday, 6AM to 6PM (PST).

      FSX Pro Support Request Formhttps://www.foresightsports.com/fsx-pro-support

    • Update Notifications

      To receive email notifications of FSX Pro updates, please complete the user registration form (below) and select the FSX Pro option. If you have already completed this - but wish to add FSX Pro to your email notifications - simply enter your information again and select the FSX Pro icon.

      User Registration Form: https://www.foresightsports.com/user-registration