FSX Play User Manual

  • Download and Installation

    For information on downloading and installing FSX Play, please follow the FSX Play download and installation guide here.

    Please Note: FSX Play is available for GCQuad, GCHawk, GC3 and GC2 only. Launch Pro is not currently compatible with FSX Play.

  • Getting Started

    Launching FSX Play 

    To begin, select the FSX Play icon from your desktop (pictured below) or the directory where this is installed. The default directory is: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\FSXPlay


    If this is their first launching FSX Play, users will be prompted to login with their FSX Live details and enter their activation code. For more information on locating these details, please follow the FSX Play download and installation guide here.

    Transferring Your FSX 2020 Courses To FSX Play

    Please Note: Your existing FSX 2020 course library will transfer to FSX Play if you log in with the same FSX Live details linked to your FSX 2020 account. These FSX Live details will be in your original FSX 2020 download email. If you are having issues locating your FSX Live details, please follow this guide.

    Connecting A Device

    Users must connect their device to FSX Play to begin playing. At the main menu, please click the Player Dashboard icon (top right, circled) and connect a device under the Devices Tab. If a device is not connected, users will also be prompted to connect their device in-game.


    With your Foresight Sports device turned on, click Search and connect to your device.


    Once a device is connected, users will see the following information:


  • Starting A New Game


    Users can choose from three options at the main menu:

    Courses: Play a round of golf on a chosen course.

    Practice: Begin a practice session on a driving range or chosen course.

    Games: Take part in a long drive or closest to the pin competition.

    • Courses

      Selecting A Course


      The courses screen allows users to choose a course and begin a round.

      Users will see their recently played courses, current library and can purchase additional courses. Additionally, users can also create a list of their favorite courses by selecting the Favorite Icon (pictured below).

      To begin a round, hover over the desired course. Users can begin a round with default settings by clicking the Play Icon. This will bring users to the pre-round setup menu.

      Note: Users must download and activate their courses before they are available to use in FSX Play. For information on downloading and activating courses, see here.

      Purchasing A Course

      Users can purchase additional courses in FSX Play by scrolling to the On Sale icon and clicking Buy. This will bring users to the Foresight Sports online store.


      Game Setup

      Add Players


      Users will automatically be brought to the add players screen.

      Add or de-select players to the session by selecting the + icon or clicking on an existing player and selecting remove.

      Set the tee box, handedness, add a handicap and login to FSX Live for each individual player in their session.

      Choose the tee information icon (top right) to see the scorecard information for the chosen course.

      The favorites icon allows users to 'favorite' a profile, saving it to FSX Play for re-use in future sessions.



      At the basic setup screen, users can configure their basic round settings. Users can enter advanced setup by clicking the Advanced icon.

      Basic Setup Tab

      Holes - Choose desired holes to play. Users can select/de-select holes by clicking on the hole number. 18 holes are selected by default.

      Scoring - Choose your scoring type from the following:

      1). Stroke Play - Standard golf scoring. The player’s score is determined by the cumulative strokes taken throughout the round.

      2). Stableford - Point-based scoring system based on a player’s score on every hole. Lower scores equal more points.

      3). Modified Stableford - Modified Stableford features higher penalties for poor shots and greater rewards for good shots.

      Green Speed - Choose your green speed.

      Advanced Setup Tab

      Rules - Edit your session rules. Choose from the following:

      Pin Placement - Adjusts the difficulty of the pin on the green.

      Mulligans - Select the number of mulligans allowed per hole.

      Putting Mode - Players can toggle between putting modes in the Play feature in the pre-game menu. Click the “?” symbol during pre-game setup to see the score table for Fast and Auto Putt. The putting modes are as follows:

      1). Auto Putt - Pre-select the amount of putts a player takes once the ball is on the green.

      2). Fast Putting - Player will be allowed one putt when on the green. If the putt is not holed, a tenth of a stroke is added for every foot remaining from the hole.

      3). Manual Putting - Manually enter the amount of putts taken once a player’s ball is on the green.

      Gimmes - Select a gimme distance for the round. Once a ball is inside the gimme distance, the player is given one stroke and the ball is considered holed.

      Practice - When enabled, a player can enter practice mode at any time during the round. A player is able to practice the current shot without penalty to their score.

      Stroke Limit - When enabled, a hole will end when a player's stroke count reaches double par.

      Practice - When enabled, a player can enter practice mode at any time during the round. A player is able to practice the current shot without penalty to their score.

      Terrain - Edit rough, fairway and green speeds/firmness. Users can also toggle the lie penalty for shots that land in the rough or bunkers.

      Edit Weather


      Basic - Edit wind and altitude.

      Advanced - Edit wind speed in MPH, wind direction, temperature in degrees, altitude in feet, fog level and time of day.

      Beginning A Round

      To begin a round, select the Play icon on the left hand side of the screen.

    • In-Game

      Courses Interface


      To begin your round, connect your device (A prompt will appear on round start if it is not already connected). Place your ball in the hitting zone. The ready message (bottom right) will indicate you are ready to play.

      1. Hole Information - See the current player, hole number, shot number, index and score. Select the hamburger icon to edit settings and exit the game.

      2. Club Selection - Toggle the arrows up and down to select the user's current club. Click the club icon, select a club and choose edit to change club distance and loft. By adding a distance, FSX Play will automatically recommend you a club based on your distance to the pin.

      3. Shortcuts Bar - Choose from the available shortcuts. Click more to add or de-select shortcuts shown in the shortcuts bar. Click the arrow icon to hide the Shortcuts Bar. A list of the shortcut descriptions is included below.

      4. Hovering the mouse over the Mini-Map will display both the distance to the ball and to the pin from that location. A player’s aim can be adjusted by clicking anywhere on the Mini Map. Click the arrow icon to hide the Mini-Map.

      5. Ball Lock Indicator -  Click this to connect a device. The indicator will show 'Ready' when users can begin hitting.




      Bird’s Eye: Gives an aerial view of the entire hole.

      Analysis: View the data analysis screens for the current player.

      Camera: Change the in-flight camera view.

      Conditions: Edit conditions.

      Flag: Moves the camera to the location of the flag.

      Fly: Gives a flyby of the current hole.

      Green: Shows the green contours of the current hole using a green grid.

      Grid: Toggle the green grid on and off.

      Replay: View any previously hit shot for the selected player.

      Skip Hole: Move to the next hole. Players will be given a score of 9
      for the hole that was skipped.

      Score: View the scorecard for the round.

      V Settings: Change your screen display settings.

      Mulligan: Retake the previous shot without penalty (only applicable if mulligans were enabled during round set-up).

  • Practice


    Players can begin practicing by selecting the Practice icon from the main menu. This will take them to the course selection screen. Players can begin a game by clicking the Play icon or they can change their settings by selecting settings & more.

    • Practice Interface



      To begin, connect your device and select a club by toggling or clicking the club icon. Players may drop the golf ball anywhere on the golf course or driving range by hovering the mouse over the Mini Map and right-clicking.

  • Games


    Click the Games icon to choose between a closest to the pin contest or a long drive competition.

  • Settings


    Edit settings by selecting the Settings icon from the main menu (top right).

    Language - Select your language.

    Units - Select your in-game display units.

    Graphics - Change from windowed to fullscreen, resolution and display.

    Devices - Connect/disconnect a device.

    Players - Add/edit in-game player profiles.

    On-Screen Data - Select and toggle the following options:

    1). Tracers - Set tracers to on/off or last shot only.

    2). On-Screen Ball Find - Ball find displayed on the user's device screen will also display on-screen in FSX Play. Note: This option is important when using devices that do not have a screen.

    3). On-Screen Aiming - When enabled, allows the user to adjust aiming by pressing the arrows in-game.

    4). Show Aim Line - Toggle to hide or display the aiming line.

    5). Enable Aiming Pole -  When enabled, a pole is visible in-game to assist with aim.

    6). Wait For Spin - FSX Play will wait until spin is calculated and received from the device before showing the shot. If wait for spin is disabled, FSX Play will show the shot immediately and adjust the shot shape once spin is received.

    7). Show Gimme Zone - Reveals a gimme zone around the hole.

    8). Use New Practice Ribbon - Toggles data tile overlay within the software.