Foresight Fairgrounds User Manual



Foresight Fairgrounds is our dedicated game application available as a free download to all FSX 2018 users. Combining classic carnival-style skill-building with fast paced skill building, Foresight Fairgrounds is ideal for a casual golfing experience amongst younger golfers and families. Here’s how to get started:

Download and Installation


To download Foresight Fairgrounds, head to the following link: and select the downloader option.


1. To begin installation, run ForesightFairgroundssetup.exe and follow the installation instructions.

2. Check/uncheck the desktop shortcut box, then Click “Next” to begin the installation.

3. With the installation completed, click “Finish”.

4. To load Foresight Fairgrounds, either select the Foresight Fairgrounds shortcut on your desktop or head to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ForesightFairgrounds” and run the application.


In-game Setup


If this is your first time playing Foresight Fairgrounds you will be prompted to enter your FSX 2018 activation code to begin playing. If you do not know your activation code, please search for it within your email inbox. Our tech support team email each user their activation code with the email download prompt for our FSX 2018 software.

Sign In

Having entered their FSX activation code, users will then be prompted to enter their FSX Live Account details. These details are also provided in the email download prompt for FSX 2018. Alternatively users can create a new account by selecting the “create account” option.

Connecting A Device

Once signed into FSX Live, users will be prompted to connect their device. Simply select the “connect a device” option and click “connect” under your chosen dexterity. Next choose your device from the available devices list.
Note: With their device connected users can enable the “auto connect” feature for their available device.

Main Menu

Launching the game will bring you to the main menu (pictured). The main menu has three sections:


Having followed the steps above to connect a device, users can also add multiple players to their game. Simply click the “add player” tab. Change the player’s dexterity by clicking the “R” or “L” icons. To remove a player click the “delete icon”


Add/remove and connect available devices.


Change device language, screen resolution and game volume.

Selecting A Game

Players can enter the game selection screen by clicking the “X” in the main menu. To select a game simply click on one of the game icons presented, choose game difficulty and select the “play” icon.

The game modes are as follows:

Balloon Pop


The objective of Balloon Pop is to score as many points as possible by bursting the balloons on the stand in front of the player. The player gets 10 shots, just watch out for those bombs….

Scoring System

Red Balloon: +20 

Blue Balloon: +30

Yellow Balloon: +50

Orange Balloon: +80

Green Balloon: +100

Bomb: -20

Putt Skee

The objective of Putt Skee is to score as many points of possible by putting the ball into one of the three scoring zones. The player receives ten attempts. Increasing the difficulty adds smaller scoring zones.

Scoring System

Outer Ring: +20

Inner Ring: +50

Center Ring: +100

Shooting Gallery 

Score as many points as possible by hitting the moving targets.

Scoring System

Bottom Row: +50 

Middle Row: +100

Top Row: +200


The objective is simple. Get the highest score possible in 10 darts. The bullseye is worth 50 points whilst the inner ring is worth 25. All other scores are either single or double the number scored.

Changing the difficulty will change the distance the player has to hit the dartboard.

Scoring System

Novice: 50 yards 

Intermediate: 100 yards

Expert: 150 Yards

Splash Wall 

Users have 12 shots to fill up different shapes with colors on the splash wall.

Scoring System 

Novice: Simply fill up the circle with any color.

Intermediate: Fill up the corresponding shapes with their colors.

Expert: Fill up the corresponding shapes with their colors.