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  • Latest Updates

    Thank you for purchasing the E6 Connect Integration with Foresight Sports Technology. We have gathered feedback from our customers regarding their experience after our first release of the integration and have updated the software to meet their requests. Below are the updates to both the Foresight Sports Launcher Application (Client Sim) and also to the E6 Connect Software. Please download these to update both applications:

    These updates include resolutions for the following items:

    • Shots would stop sending to E6 Connect after a round was completed. In some cases shots would stop sending in the middle of the round or shots would never send. This was caused by the E6 Connect update that closed the connect to the Foresight integration.
    • Putting appearing incorrectly.
    • The club indicator in the heads up display was missing. This has been resolved in the latest release.
    • Club data would sometimes not display. This has been resolved in the latest release.
    • GC2 Connectivity Issues Resolved

    Please download and then run the installation files to update. If your License appears as activated please submit an ONLINE SUPPORT REQUEST with your Foresight Launcher License Key and FSX LIVE Username.

    We recommend all users update their software versions if they have purchased the integration through Foresight Sports. If you have a newer version of E6 Connect installed, this must be version or greater. If you do not know which version you have, please update using the links above.