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As a professional golfer, I can confirm something you may already know to be true – this game is hard.

Really hard.

Amateur golfers tend to think that the pros make the game look easy, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t feel easy. Golf is a challenge, no matter how many rounds you have under your belt. I like to use the best technology available to help me rise to the challenge I face on the course, and the GCQuad quadrascopic launch monitor fits that bill perfectly.


In golf, every shot you hit is important. You can’t take any of them for granted because they all have the potential to go wrong in one way or another. From the longest drive to the shortest putt, each and every stroke is crucial—which is why driving a golf ball is such a valuable step on the road to playing better golf.

As a golfer, you know it’s nearly impossible to hide from a poor swing. The game has an uncanny way of finding and exposing weaknesses. But if you’re committed to reaching your goals, reducing strokes, and generally playing a better round of golf, it’s critical to start improving your swing as quickly as possible.


Welcome to the August edition of the Foresight Sports Distributor Newsletter!

July proved to be a fantastic month of Open Championship-fueled content, much of which you will see in this issue. We’re also extremely excited about this month’s full release of the PEAK platform, and to once again give you new product and sales updates as we move further into the third quarter. Let's start with our International Updates . . .


It’s hard to believe it's been almost six months since we were all celebrating our success at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show together.  Now, with summer well underway on this side of the equator, everyone in the corporate office is pushing hard on all fronts of product development, marketing, and sales to keep this year's incredible momentum going.  This issue contains the latest news and updates from you, our International Teams, as well as from Foresight Sports HQ, including this month's full launch of FSX 2018 and FSX Mobile, and a sneak PEAK (yes, pun inten