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Welcome to the August edition of the Foresight Sports Distributor Newsletter!

July proved to be a fantastic month of Open Championship-fueled content, much of which you will see in this issue. We’re also extremely excited about this month’s full release of the PEAK platform, and to once again give you new product and sales updates as we move further into the third quarter. Let's start with our International Updates . . .


It’s hard to believe it's been almost six months since we were all celebrating our success at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show together.  Now, with summer well underway on this side of the equator, everyone in the corporate office is pushing hard on all fronts of product development, marketing, and sales to keep this year's incredible momentum going.  This issue contains the latest news and updates from you, our International Teams, as well as from Foresight Sports HQ, including this month's full launch of FSX 2018 and FSX Mobile, and a sneak PEAK (yes, pun inten


Welcome to the Foresight Sports distributor newsletter for June! We’re excited to present the first installment of our distributor-focused newsletter, with features and content from our sales teams, engineering teams, and of course our global team of distributors. We’re proud to have a #ForesightFamily that spans the globe, and very proud to present the stories and successes you’ve shared with us. 

Foresight Sports has announced the latest addition to its line of cutting-edge solutions designed for the rapidly growing commercial entertainment range market. DTS, short for Downrange Tracking System, is a modular, easily installed camera system which measures final ball placement and shot distances. When combined with the company’s GC line of launch monitors – including the GCQuad and the new GCHawk – DTS delivers a precise view of players’ ball’s performance from the moment of impact to the exact resting spot on the green.

Following on the industry-leading success of its portable GC2 and GCQuad launch monitors, Foresight Sports has announced its latest innovation, the GCHawk.  Designed specifically for the rapidly growing golf and multisport simulation market, the GCHawk’s sleek, ergonomic form factor is elevated above the player to provide a new level of in-game freedom and flexibility.