Why The ForeCaddy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

Why The ForeCaddy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself (Infographic)

Ready to upgrade your golf game? One tool could make all the difference.

Buying new clubs and accessories might seem like the logical choice, but they might not make a big difference if you already have great equipment—or great skills, for that matter. Instead of upgrading your equipment, why not upgrade the way you carry it?

This season, treat yourself to the ForeCaddy, the latest smart cart from Foresight Sports.

With two powerful electric motors controlled by an intelligent self-guiding system, the ForeCaddy hauls your heavy bags and equipment with automatic ease. ForeCaddy still puts you in complete control, however, allowing you to choose between automatic following, push assist, remote control, and manual modes.

Whether on the green or in the rough, the ForeCaddy can handle any terrain: In addition to its powerful motors, the ForeCaddy’s six wheels and dynamic suspension automatically adjust to all types of surfaces.

The ForeCaddy also helps save energy—your energy, that is! With enough capacity to carry even the biggest and heaviest bags for up to two full rounds on a single charge, you’ll no longer have to waste your energy pushing or lugging heavy equipment.

To learn more about the ForeCaddy’s control features and handling, check out the infographic below or call Foresight Sports at (858) 880-0179. Call today and receive your ForeCaddy at an unbeatable price that’s only available for a limited time.

Why The ForeCaddy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself (Infographic)

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