Tips for Choosing Clubs

The Best Club Fitting Launch Monitor

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Golf is a hard game—playing with the wrong clubs makes it even harder. Custom club fitting is a huge part of the golf industry simply because of the role that equipment plays in the outcome of each shot. The player has to make a good swing, of course, but his or her equipment needs to do its job as well.

Fairway Wood, Hybrid, or Iron – Choosing the Right Club for the Shot

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What skills do you need to play golf successfully? You need to make solid swings, of course, and you need to be able to make putts. Also, you need to have the ability to focus on the task at hand even when feeling nervous or anxious. To put even more on your plate, you can add club selection to this list. Whether playing virtual golf or the real thing, choosing the right club for the shot you face is a valuable—and required—skill.