Release Date:
  April 5th, 2015
System Requirements:
(minimum spec)
  • i5 Processor
  • 8GB of memory or greater
  • Video with 2GB of memory or greater (Recommended: NVidia GeForce 750ti)
  • If running the FSX swing analysis camera it is recommended to have 16GB of memory.
  • Ability to toggle brightness of green slope indicators by holding ctrl and selecting green slope indicator button
  • Added Mini Map functions
    • Left click on the mini map to aim
    • Arrows indicate the current aiming line
    • Ball is now shown on the mini map in real time
    • Player's golf balls are shown with labels
  • HMT graphic in analysis screen now represents dub head for left-handed golfers in Play Mode
  • No longer able to edit conditions settings in Compete Mode
  • Scorecard displayed at end of a round now sorts players by tee and includes the hole lengths for all tees used.
  • Changed function of software to allow FSX camera to be disconnected
  • Fixed memory leaks effecting rendering and load limes
  • When logging in or out of FPF, all shots will be deleted from previous sessions
Release Date:
Release Date:
Release Date: