Release Date:
  September 16th, 2019
Release Date:
  April 10th, 2019
Release Date:
  May 14th, 2015
System Requirements:
(minimum spec)
  • i5 Processor
  • 8GB of memory or greater
  • Video with 2GB of memory or greater (Recommended NVidia GeForce 750ti)
  • If running the FSX swing analysis camera it is recommended to have 16GB of memory
  • We've added two new virtual golf courses, Flint Hills and Haunauma Cliffs, both available in stunning 4K resolution
  • Improved course load time means you're up and running faster than ever (This feature requires updated course installations; please contact your Sales Representative or for instructions)
  • Functionality and appearance are more unified throughout the software
  • Course Play now includes a new aiming pole feature, left-handed club graphics, and the ability to skip a turn
  • You now have the capability to save and exit a game, then continue playing where you left off
  • Our new Practice Mode has been added to course play so that you can optimize your skills on a variety of courses