Frequently Asked Questions

General Operation

My computer is not recognizing the GC2 device
  1. Check to make sure the device is connected properly (plugged in completely to both the unit and computer) and that the USB cable is not damaged in any way.

  2. Check to make sure the device has sufficient battery life. This is done by restarting the device and confirming that the battery shows a power reading between 7.0 and 8.5 volts (device only will show 8.5 when attached to AC adaptor). This information can be found either in the upper left corner of the device's screen when in ball search mode (earlier firmware versions) OR under the “About” menu screen within the display settings menu.


  3. While the GC2 device is plugged into the WINDOWS computer and powered on, Go to the START MENU > DEVICES AND PRINTERS and scroll down to unspecified devices and look to see if " NGLM MSC interface device " is displayed. If "NGLM MSC interface device" is displayed and shows no associated errors, then the GC2 device is recognized by your computer and the problem may be your flash module or the length of USB cable being used. Recommended USB cable length should be no greater than five meters / sixteen feet. Please contact Foresight Sports Technical Support for assistance

    To confirm that the Device Driver is properly installed, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to START > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
    2. Make sure that a Driver has been installed by locating the application name "Windows Driver Package - Foresight Sports (WUDFRd)"
    3. If you have found this file then the driver has been installed.
    4. If it CAN NOT locate this file: Download the driver from the Foresight Sports DOWNLOADS page and install.
  4. If the problem still persists, it is likely related to an issue with the USB input or Mini USB to USB cable. First, move the GC2 USB cable to a known working USB port. If that does not resolve the problem it is recommended to replace the cable and re-test the connection.

The internal speaker on the GC2 device is not working

Power the GC2 device off and wait a 10 seconds before turning it back on. Once the device has finished its start-up sequence, press the audio button and see if the internal speaker is functioning correctly.

  1. PRESS of the AUDIO BUTTON > GC2 should announce "LOW" in a lower volume
  2. PRESS of the AUDIO BUTTON > GC2 should announce "MEDIUM" in a medium volume
  3. PRESS of the AUDIO BUTTON > GC2 should announce "HIGH" in a high volume
  4. PRESS of the AUDIO BUTTON > GC2 audio feature is turned OFF


IF PROBLEM PERSISTS, plug a pair of headphones into the audio line-out jack (located on the left side of the camera housing when facing the device) and press the AUDIO BUTTON to see if the audio card is working correctly within the headphones.

IF audio is correctly announcing in the headphones, simply unplug the headphones and press the AUDIO BUTTON again. This practice of removing the headphones is designed to re-engage the internal speaker.

Battery-based power issues

The GC2 will not remain powered on if not plugged directly into a power source.

  1. Confirm that the device will immediately power off when not plugged into AC adaptor
  2. If this is the case then confirm that AC adaptor is working properly while plugged in to assure device can charge. This can be done by assuring the power supply is plugged into a working outlet and has not been damaged (I.E no water damage or severed wires.) If damaged a new power supply must be ordered to restore device to working condition
  3. If, after following the steps above, the device does not hold a charge when unplugged from the power supply, this indicates that the battery no longer holds a charge. Please contact Foresight Sports Technical Support
Assessing Replaceable Flash Module

Flash Modules are replaceable items that typically operate reliably depending upon usage. However, you may need to replace the flash device on your GC2 if your device is not recognizing shots (displaying dashes) or displaying inconsistent readings.

  1. Remove device from any protective enclosure and place on a level floor with the foot/latch properly set underneath the GC2 to assure proper operation.

  2. Before attempting to diagnose the flash module, power off your GC2 device for approximately 5 minutes.

  3. With the device opened completely and powered on, place the ball on the ground and try to get the device to recognize the ball in the hitting zone. If it does (as indicated by a solid green light), attempt to putt or chip the ball approximately four feet. Check to see if the GC2 displays a reading of any kind.

       >  If DEVICE DISPLAYS DASHED READINGS:  the device is working but the flash needs to be replaced.

       >  If DEVICE DOES NOT RECOGNIZE BALL:  consult the section titled “GC2 Device not recognizing the ball/inconstant reading”

  4. If after consulting both of these troubleshooting steps the GC2 still does not respond to shots, please contact Foresight Sports technical support.

On-Screen Data

Changing the on-screen units of measurement
  1. Once the GC2 device is ON and fully completed its boot-up sequence, the players preferred SYSTEM OPTIONS can be changed. To begin, select the "OK" button on the front LCD panel.
  2. The system options menu should now appear on the LCD screen. To select an option, use the UP or DOWN arrow keys. The selected option will be highlighted in white on a dark background bar.
  3. To change the current setting of the selected option, press the "OK" button until the desired setting appears.
  4. With the desired settings selected, select the BACK button to return to the ball-find/play mode.
  5. Your new settings have been saved and will now be displayed during play.
The device appears to display inaccurate data
  1. Make sure the foot stand is completely deployed.
  2. Make sure the top of the device where tracking cameras are located is fully opened.
  3. (If applicable) Remove GC2 device from protective cradle and place on level surface with ball.
  4. (If applicable) When using the software be sure to have "wait for spin" selected.
The GC2 device does not display some or all ball flight information (shows "----" after a hit)

Verify the flash is operating when a ball is struck. This may be difficult to observe by the hitter - a separate observer is recommended to watch the flash while the hitter strikes the ball.

If the flash is non-operational, please replace with the additional flash provided, or contact Foresight Sports for a new flash module.

Ball Finding & Missed Shots

The ball placement aid is not appearing on the LCD display
  1. The placement aid is visible only when the light is flashing red, and a ball is recognized in the area of the launch monitor.
  2. If the light is green, then a ball is ready to be struck, and the previous shot results are displayed.
  3. If there is no ball in the camera’s view, then the previous shot results are displayed.
The device does not display “ready to hit” (green LED active) when a ball is placed in the hitting zone
  1. Make sure the ball is visible by the cameras (i.e. no deep grass, etc.).
  2. Confirm the ball is appearing within the hitting area on the LCD display.
  3. Make sure the foot stand is completely deployed.
  4. Make sure the top of the device (where cameras are located) is fully opened.
  5. Make sure that the GC2 device is on a level surface and within 18" of ball./li>
  6. Test GC2 in both right and left handed positions. If either fails to produce reading please contact Foresight Sports for technical assistance.
GC2 device is not recognizing the ball and/or providing inconsistent data
  1. Try turning the device off, unplugging it from USB connection if applicable.

  2. Wait 1 minute before powering device on again. Do not plug USB cable into the GC2 at this time.

  3. Once you have turned it on again, place a ball near the GC2 in a position for the device to see the ball and check to see what color the light is.

    • SOLID GREEN: indicates the ball is recognized and the device is ready to be used.
    • SLOWBLINKING RED: indicates device is looking for ball
    • QUICKLY BLINKING RED: Indicated ball just outside of ball find area, must be moved towards the center of the box
    • BLINKING RED/GREEN: indicates ball not locked onto

    If the device shows red or blinking light pattern, please follow the next step.

    If green then device is ready for use.

  4. If the device is located inside a cradle or protective enclosure, please power off the device, unplug from all power and USB cables, and place on a flat, level surface.

    1. Fully open the GC2 device, fully rotating the foot stand underneath the device until it is below the base and supporting the GC2.
    2. Power on the device.
    3. Place a golf ball in the hitting zone in front of the GC2, moving it to see if the device recognizes the ball placement.
    4. If device recognizes the ball, move the ball into the left or right hitting zone (shown on LCD screen) and see if light turns green.
  5. If device does not recognize the ball when hit, but does lock onto the ball as indicated by a solid green light, please consult the topic: “Flash Module Assessment”


Retrieving Saved Data

Depending on the nature of the data, there are several file types (and locations) that can be saved within the simulation software:

  • Saving / Retrieving CLUB FITTING Data Club fitting data can be saved at the bottom of the SHOT ANALYSIS screen by selecting the "SAVE CSV" button at the bottom of the screen.

    To access saved files, go to > LOCAL DRIVE > "PROGRAM FILES" (or "PROGRAM FILES (x86)" if using a 64 bit computer) > Foresight > FITTING folder. Look for the file name previously saved and open it using MS Excel or similar program.

  • Saving / Retrieving REPLAY VIDEO once a shot has been completed, you can select VIEW REPLAY from the MENU. Once in VIEW REPLAY mode, the option to SAVE REPLAY is located as a button feature at the bottom of the screen. The saved file will be formatted as a WMV (Windows Media Video) file, and will be located in the FORESIGHT folder with in the REPLAYS folder.

  • Saving / Retrieving a SCREEN SHOT to take a screen shot, hold both the CONTROL key and F8 to capture the on-screen image. NOTE - the image saved will be what is on-screen at the exact time the CONTROL and F8 keys are pressed. The saved screen shot will be located in the FORESIGHT folder in a folder titles “SSHOTS”.

In-game shortcuts
Key Stroke Action
Left Arrow Aim Left
Right Arrow Aim Right
Q Raise above landscape
A Return to course elevation
A Display gap fitting results
Left Shift Kneel to see break
G Toggle grid
F8 Screen capture (image)
R Record fly-by (video)
I Recall shot information
P Split screen shot information
F6 Remove UI
ESC Exit
Space Bar Accelerate ball flight to get Shot Data Screen quicker
Multiplayer game play
  • NOTE: Multiple Player is only an option for normal Game Play only; it is NOT an option for “PRACTICE” or “FITTING” mode.
  • To select a second player in game play mode, double-click on the player name in the right menu. .
  • Player will appear on the left menu as a selected profile.

To create a new player, select "Create Player" and fill in required profile information


Computer requirements for running Foresight Sports Simulation Software

To run the Foresight Sports Simulation Software successfully, your computer must meet these hardware requirements:



MEMORY: 4 Gb RAM or greater

PROCESSOR: 2.0 GHZ Dual, Quad Core, or i-series processors or greater (AMD or Intel)

VIDEO CARD: Video Card – 1 GB RAM or greater with memory bandwidth > 75 GB/sec; Examples -ATI- Radeon HD 5770, 5830, 5850, 5870, 5970; NVidea GeForce GTX- 260, 275, 280, 295, 470, 480 If you are not sure, please call tech support with the model number you are considering and we will check the bandwidth and let you know.



MEMORY: 3 Gb RAM or greater

PROCESSOR: 2.0 GHZ Dual, Quad Core, or i-series processors or greater (AMD or Intel)

VIDEO CARD: Video Card – 1 GB RAM or greater with memory bandwidth > 25 GB/sec

Utilizing a computer that does not meet the requirements may compromise the software's ability to run, and will likely compromise the software's ability to run optimally. If you are interested in purchasing a simulation-optimized desktop or laptop computer, please contact our sales staff.

Simulation Software installation (Existing Users)

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues with running your Foresight Sports Simulation Software, please confirm that the computer meets the MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS indicated in the "Computer Requirements" in this section BEFORE attempting to reload your software. To assure that the software was loaded properly, please follow the un-install and reinstall directions below.

  1. UN-INSTALL CURRENT SOFTWARE VERSION (NOT COURSES) Un-install the Foresight Sports simulation Software Version currently on the computer. This can be done in the Control panel by selecting the "Uninstall Programs" or "Add/Remove Programs" link. DO NOT UN-INSTALL ANY COURSE PACKAGES THAT EXIST ON THE SYSTEM.


    1. Download the latest update from the downloads section or reinsert the install disc you received with your GC2 device.
    2. Click on "NO QUESTIONS ASKED INSTALLATION" if your GC2 has connected with the software before, if your GC2 was not connecting to the software choose “Components and Install” and select the type of operating system you are currently using.
    3. Agree to the User License Agreement to continue the installation.
    4. Enter the installation code provided in the “More Information” section of the Installer on the first screen. You may select back if you did not read this section first.
    5. This installation contains multiple components, moving ahead before prompted may result in a corrupted installation. The first stage of the installation will install the Foresight Sports Simulation Software. When prompted, do not change the directory where the software will install. This may cause files to not install properly.
    6. Next, the program will install administrative tools and perform other installation tasks. Allow the program to finish. When the installation is complete, you will see a “Thanks” button. Click this button to move to the final phase.
    7. Now that the FSS software and all of the dependent files are installed, insert the dongle (USB security key) into an available USB port on the computer.
    8. Insert the USB cable from the GC2 into an available USB port on the computer.
    9. Launch “Foresight.exe” from the desktop.

Projector & Image

Software image is white when in game mode
  1. Start the Simulation Software and, from the MAIN MENU, go to the OPTIONS MENU at the top of the screen. /li>
  2. Enter password:fss01011 to gain access and go to the graphics menu
  3. >Set the BRIGHTNESS to 0.81 and the CONTRAST to 1.40
  4. SAVE settings and restart the game. The projected/onscreen image should now be normal.
On-screen image not filling entire screen

The projected image may not be filling your screen if you do not have the resolutions set correctly. To check this:

  • Right-click on the desktop and find “Screen resolution”
  • Select the projector from the screens offered and change the resolution

    NOTE: Make sure that the new resolution setting is within the recommended resolutions for the projector or monitor being used.

If, once you have selected the maximum resolution, the projector is still not filling out the screen as expected, check to confirm that your projector is mounted the correct distance from the screen.

DO NOT CHANGE IN-GAME RESOLUTION settings without first changing resolution settings on your computer to insure compatibility with the projector.

On-screen image is inverted

All projectors can be mounted on the ceiling or set on a surface. Because of this the manufactures have built in a function that will allow for the image to be flipped to accommodate either situation. To correct a flipped image:

  • Go to your projector’s MENU screen (location varies depending manufacture and model) and locate the SETTINGS option.

  • Within the screen settings, select or de-select “Ceiling” mode as needed.

  • Save the setting (if needed). The on-screen image should now be correctly oriented.

Blank screen during game start-up

Check to make sure that the computer is connected to the monitor and/or projector. Foresight Sports recommends using the same connection-type (such as DVI) if connecting to two monitors or a projector. This can be accomplished with the use of adaptors or new cables.

  1. Once you have confirmed that the monitor and/or projector is properly connected, verify by going to the computer desktop, right clicking and selecting SCREEN RESOLUTION.
  2. If the monitor and/or projector is powered on, it will show as a selectable screen to display the image. If the monitor/projector is not seen here, click “detect” in the upper right near the image of the screens. This will allow the computer to recognize the screen.
  3. If not detected, please contact your computer manufacturer.
  4. Once the monitor and/or projector has been detected, start the Foresight Sports simulation software.
  5. Go to the OPTIONS menu and enter the password “fss01011”.
  6. Go to SCREEN SETTINGS and set the resolution for the monitor you are using to match the resolution set on your computer. Confirm that the game is presenting to the correct screen (select from a list of the available monitors seen here in the screen settings menu). This will allow the simulation software to run correctly.

If you receive and error message, please consult the “Monitor/projector error messages” area in this section.

Projector/monitor error message
  1. First, while Simulation Software is NOT running, check to make sure that the computer is recognizing both projector and monitor in the screen resolution screen, accessible by right clicking the desktop. If not, please see the “Blank screen during game start-up" area of this section.
  2. Check to make sure that the projector and monitor are set to the correct recommended screen resolutions. This can be discovered by reviewing the user manual for the given projector or monitor. It is also highly recommended that the same type of inputs for all displays be utilized (I.e. Hdmi-Hdmi; Dvi-Dvi, Vga-Vga).
  3. A "Direct 3D" error message indicates that the software is not properly configured to run on the selected game monitor or projector.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Unplug the projector or monitor that is producing the error (including any adaptor) from the back of the computer.
  2. Restart the computer running only the properly working projector or monitor.
  3. Restart the Simulation software.
  1. If the error occurs again, repeat the above process but use the other monitor or projector this time.
  2. Once the game is loaded, go to the OPTIONS menu at the top of the MAIN MENU screen and enter the options screen using the password "fss01011".
  3. Go the “Screen Settings” and select the recommended screen resolution for the current projector or monitor (This can be found in the user manual from the projector or monitor). Select to run the game on the current working monitor or projector.
  4. Run the game to confirm the monitor/projector is working.
  5. Exit the game.
  6. Connect the other monitor or projector to the back of the computer. Right click on the desktop and go to the Screen Resolutions screen. Now you should see the two screens both plugged into the computer at this point. If you do not select “detect” in the upper right of the screen, the computer may not identify the new display. Once both screens are recognized by the computer confirm that both are set to the manufacture's recommended resolutions.
  7. Go back into the game, go to the OPTIONS menu at the top of the MAIN MENU screen and enter the options screen using the password "fss01011".
  8. Go to the "Screen Settings" and select the second monitor/projector
  9. Change the resolution so that it matches the recommended screen resolution. You can try to set the game to show on the projector at this point.

If the game still will not show on the screen at this point, change all settings to the lowest resolution settings (800x600 resolution).

Graphics skip during game play

Please check to make sure you have the CORRECT SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS by confirming they match without "Computer Requirements for running Foresight Sports Simulation Software" section before further troubleshooting of this problem.

  1. >Make sure that no other software is running on your Computer while attempting to run the simulation software as this may slow performance greatly.
  2. If the computer is running slowly, it may be due to heat or ventilation issues. Make sure the system is cooling properly as well
  3. If you are sure you have the proper system requirements, please check your graphic settings. This can be done by going into the OPTIONS menu at the top of your MAIN MENU screen in the Simulation Software. Enter the password "fss01011" to gain access.
  4. In the Graphics option, go to the top of the screen and reset the graphics settings to balanced. If already set to "balanced" change to "minimum".
  5. If this still does not resolve the problem, please try installing the latest update to the software in the Downloads section.


Connecting GC2 device to an ANDROID device
  1. Go to the ANDROID menu and select WIRELESS CONNECTION
  2. In the BLUETOOTH manager, turn Bluetooth on.
  3. While GC2 is turned on, locate the SERIAL NUMBER of the device (on label underneath). Select the device with that SERIAL NUMBER to pair it.
    If prompted for a code, enter four zeros: “0000”
  4. Open the Foresight Sports Android App, and go to the GC2 device you wish to connect to and press and hold until “CONNECT” appears. NOTE connecting may take a moment.
  5. The device should now be successfully paired and connected to the Foresight Sports Android Application.