We’ve combined the game’s most trusted data with the knowledge of its most renowned instructors.
And it’s all for you.

Martin Hall & Liam Mucklow

World-Class Insight

PEAK™ Certified Professional Training has been developed by some of golf’s most trusted and knowledgeable instructors who share the belief that great technology combined with great instruction are essential to game improvement and professional growth.

Developed by award-winning PGA Professional Instructor Liam Mucklow with input and guidance from renowned instructors including Martin Hall, Butch Harmon and Peter Kostis, PEAK™ Certified Professional Training offers a wide spectrum of educational tools designed to elevate the game in every aspect–from fitting, instruction and coaching programs, to the performance of every player that shares their passion for the game.

Complete Training Rendering

Complete Training

PEAK™ seminars cover everything from the basic use and advantages of using launch monitor technology in a fitting, instruction, or training program, to in-depth analysis of every component of club and ball flight performance data and its application to player improvement.

Long Term

Long Term Benefits

PEAK not only delivers expert insight for your level of fitting, teaching, or playing, it gives you the expertise and tools to develop your skills further.

Here's How

Game-Changing Information

Every PEAK seminar is developed and hosted by some of the industry’s top instructors and experts, which means you get the latest insight, ideas, and knowledge critical to your professional development and game improvement.

A Professional Development Path

The value of a PEAK seminar doesn’t end with the classroom experience. Beyond in-depth theory and hands-on training, seminar students are given a pathway to their on-going professional development. PEAK Instructors are also available to recommend other expert-driven seminars and tools based on the specific needs of their students.

PGA Educational Credits

Every PEAK seminar qualifies for up to 8 MSR educational credits toward your PGA Professional Membership.

Support & Tools

No PEAK seminar student leaves empty-handed. Included with every one-day course is a printed course guide and access to additional performance analysis tools and software.

Current 2017 Seminar Schedule

PEAK™ US Fall Seminars will begin in October, with events currently planned for the U.S. and selected International locations. For event date details and to pre-register your seat, please follow the appropriate corresponding link:

Dallas Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Dallas, TX

October 24
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Scottsdale Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Scottsdale, AZ

October 25
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Banten, Indonesia Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Banten, Indonesia

November 13
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Singapore Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Singapore

November 14
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 16
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Chacheongsao, Thailand Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Chacheongsao, Thailand

November 17
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Hanoi, Vietnam Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Hanoi, Vietnam

November 20
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Manila, Philippines Seminar

Level 1 Seminar: Manila, Philippines

November 22
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